Monday, April 23, 2012

My Wedding in Canada

Recently I attended my friend's wedding in Toronto, Ontario. Although this was not my first wedding to attend it definitely was one of the most memorable ones. While this was not the first time to come to Toronto, for some reason it was felt like it was the first time. The beginning of spring was marked by my arrival to Toronto to celebrate Sarah's wedding. It has been almost two years since we have last seen each other but we felt like it was only yesterday that we said good bye to each other. It took a for a very special wedding day to finally reunite us back together!! My flight to Toronto has been relative short as I have slept through the most of it :) Refreshed and looking strong I came there Thursday evening and luckily for me Sarah came to the airport to greet me. We hugged and started historically laughing as much we could. It felt right finally being reunited. The slow ride back to her house has been marked with countless giggles and stories about her wedding day. On the way home she revealed to me that I would have a special honor of picking the wedding favours for her wedding day. I was amazed that she would entrust me with such an honor especially since I have never picked wedding favours for a wedding before. My first worry that came to mind was how and where I could find the right wedding gifts. I never game much thought about wedding favours so I didn't quite know what to expect. I knew that if I was to pick the right wedding gift I had to ask Sarah as many questions as possible. So....I started asking :) I was asking about the wedding theme, wedding colors and her wedding dress. I wanted to make sure that if I picked something it would be good. To my surprise I was able to find very cool wedding favours at wedding favours canada The best part about them is that all of the wedding favours came from Canada and I knew that I would have my precious treasures just in time. Now, I am off to go out but keep on guessing which wedding favours I got....I knew you would want to know what I got but you will just have to wait until the tomorrow :)))) XoXo

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Shower

Baby shower favors are becoming ever so popular. Different cultures do different things to celebrate the arrival of a new born. In North America this celebration is usually marked by giving of baby shower favors Traditionally baby shower favors were given only to first born, however this is quickly changing and now parents mark the birth of their every child with some baby shower favors.

These events are usually co-hosted by a mom, her close family member or a close friend. There are no rules to determine how long a baby shower needs to be or how it should be hosted. The host decided what they want to do entertainment wise. Most hosts invite only woman but there are no set rules. The type of even for the baby shower is also influenced if the baby shower is held before the birth of the baby or afterwards.

Guests usually bring gifts to the baby shower. In reply the hosts gives baby shower favours as small token of appreciation. These do not have to be expensive favours. They have to be thoughtful and playful so as to bring as many laughs as possible.

When it comes to baby shower favours there is a lot to chose from as the selection is very large. Some of the most popular ones are baby aspen baby shower favors. You will find that they carry a large selection of baby gifts for all types of moms.

What's unique about baby shower favors is that they will last a life time and will serve you as a reminder of your baby shower.

My personal favorite baby shower favor is the Over the Moon' Vintage Moon Bookmark The unique bookmark is made of metal in the shape of a yellow half-moon with a royal blue tassel attached. It can also be personalized with a special gift message. Another popular item with moms is the World's Gratest Mom' Cheese Grater These cheese graters will dress up your baby shower.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gonna sleep in these

Even nicer some multi colored PJs with a polka dot

Some super cool PJs from Victoria Secret when you want to look super cool. These are definitely going to help you catch some good sleep :)

Old Navy matching tops in blue color and is my favorite as I have something similar

Or look very faminine and pretty in this lovely nightgown and robe

Maybe even feminine with this Oscar de la Renta chemise. . At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what suits you.

Gifts to giv

Practical gifts are very handy to give out and something like Sew Perfect Classic Houndstooth Sewing Kit that fits perfectly in a small purse of a wallet is a perfect choice to give. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Sew perfect Classic kit has often been voted as the best gift to give.
When you want some tea time our recommendation is Tea Time Heart Tea Infuser that comes in a Tea Time Gift Box. Elegant is the word that describes this wedding favor made out of stainless steel. What sets them apart is that chrome look that brings so much elegance to your wedding. Looking for some stainless steel spreaders, in case you are than our vintage reserve stainless steel spreader will look simply amazing. Perfect gift for those wine and cheese eaters. If you like mirrors and need to check yourself periodically then
reflections black white mirror compact is the perfect wedding favor. These compact elegant mirrors are perfect small gifts that can be carried in purses and server a practical purpose as they are real mirrors. damask vellum shades make a perfect gift for those wine drinkers. The damaskus vellum shades are some of the most popular wedding favors that we carry. laughing buddha golden place card holder is a laughing Buddha that symbolizes prosperity and can even bring good luck
Everyone needs good bottle stoppers because after you open up that bottle of wine you need to put something on top of it and our Stop in the Name of Love bottle stopper which comes in black and white colors. These bottler stoppers contain the word LOVE and is a very practical gift as it is made out of chrome.
For those hot summer days when you need to cool yourself than our luxurious silk fan which come in black and ivory colors is a refreshing choice. You can be sure that you will thank your guests with these fabulous fans. Made out of silk and bamboo it is a gift that will stand out from others.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Special Favors

Salt and pepper wedding shakers are a big hit this summer and if you are into them then look you will be able to find them at love birds in the window wedding favors section.

These two love birds ceramic salt and pepper shakers are perfect gift that will be treasured for years to come. On other hand if you are a into high fashion and like to style yourself then you might be interested in
first class fashionable high hell luggage tag.

For that special traveler these high heel luggage tag become indispensable. If you turn 360 degrees and want to spice up some wedding favors the
snow flurry glass ornament is a perfect wedding gift.

For that special table decor to my your guest's eye sparkle and all of your guests say wow look no further than our special place card holders. These
bourbon street streetlight place card holders are perfect way for your guests to find their seats

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

White dresses

Hot color for the next season will definitely be white. White as always is the most natural and elegant color. These dresses can be worn for weddings and other special occasions. You can find some amazing styles at the catwalks.

Wedding style

When you are trying to save money there are few options that will save you money but your guests will love them. Wedding favors are an amazing way to bring smiles to your guests. These wedding favors are special gifts that you can give to your guests and it will always leave them with a memory to remember. Accessorizing your wedding will make your event perfect and unique. The most popular category are unique wedding favors which are also a major hit with brides and wedding guests. They are unique in shape and colour and make a perfect gift.

If you want something that is very personal then the easiest thing is to add those small personalized touches to your gifts such as personalized wedding favors . These personalized wedding favors will give you an extra personal style to your wedding. These wedding favors are a perfect gifts to thank all of your guests for attending your wedding day.

Favors are wonderful and more unique than your standard favors, so couples may be getting the bonus of distinction when choosing discontinued favors as well. Whether it be seasonal, ethnic, fantasy or traditional, you can shop on your computer for all your wedding needs.
The best thing is the price on these items after all they are called cheap wedding favors for a reason.

These wedding favors come in different shape and sizes which means that they are very practical. They can be in a shape as bottle wedding stoppers or they can be place card holder wedding favors. Because of their unique and common style these practical wedding favors are the best choice that you can make.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another cools style that is quite 'in style' at the same time. That is what is amazing about the fashion instruction, is the choice that you get. With the new earthy theme, straw bags are something that is very in. All the editors have given a big thumbs up and it is the perfect chic look

When it comes to straw bags they will always look better with shorts, skirts and anything short. You could wear flats or just simply high heels, but it is up to you what you decide to do.

Here is some of the best offers this season:

Another super cute bag...........

Yet another cheap alternative

Something for everyone

It is close to your wedding day and you have bunch on things to do for your wedding. An important part is to find the right style, munchies and still remember to pay attention to those small details such as gifts for your wedding party. These adorable gifts come in various shapes and sizes. You can go from beach wedding favors to the other spectrum such as winter wedding favors. These are somever important gifts will bring sunshine to the faces of your guests.

Just by browsing the internet you can get so many personalized wedding favors that you can custom tailor for your wedding needs. You can buy little centre pieces that make perfect candle wedding favors. Exactly choosing the right style can be somewhat difficult because there are vast selections to choose from. You can also pick some astounding bridal favors for the bridal shower.

Coaster Favors – Another option for easy-to-find favors are drink coasters. Available in glass, crystal, metal and cork, coaster wedding favors containing a special design can be offered as they are or personalized with the couples names for a special keepsake.

wine wedding favors are perfect for those thank you cards. You can get wine wedding favors as heart shaped with rose pedals on top of it. I never knew they might build such wonderful little gift cards. All the guests will be amazed by the little thank you notes.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Unique Wedding Favors

There are some accessories that can make a reception appear as elegant as a king’s castle. Everything can fit the occasion from decorations to wedding favors. Every unique wedding favor done up in storybook themed favor boxes. I was amazed at all of the themed accessories there were for they fairy tale wedding favors. place cards wedding favors are a great example to enhance your wedding. It is just about everything that you coupld possible need for a perfect fairy tale wedding.

Gorgeous Wedding

Extraordinary wedding dress - not because of the decor involved, but simply because I couldn't narrow down the photos to share.

I LOVE the 2 detail photographs below. If you look closely, do you see a ring and earrings? These photos are beautifully artistic and just beautiful ways to capture the jewelry shots.

Wedding decor at its best

The place card holders they had on the tables were lovely very little unique wedding favors. The main centerpieces that was at the table where bride and groom were sitting was quite splendid. They had amazing glass glasses with floating candles and a ball of flowers surrounding it. Everything was amazing. As cheap wedding favors the happy couple had all sorts of wine favor. Although the favors were quite beautiful it is quite important to say that they were also very cheap. Some of the best and most unique wedding favors can be found at Ellas Wedding Favors.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Nine West Sale

Nine West have a cool collection of boots and shoes and they are offering 30 - 50% off for a limited time only. They also have accessories and bags on sale to match your new shoes of course!

Cascade ruffles

Talk about ruffles,guess what they are coming back in style. These cascade are Diane Von Fusterburg.

Vena Cava

Vena Cava is Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai who have been designing together since they graduated from the Parsons School of Design in 2003. They have been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and, and are carried in over 80 retailers.

Short Styles

Cool looking shorts for every occasion: Chloe tweed shorts, Marc Jacobs shorts:

Tailored shorts are showing their versatility, moving easily between the warm and the chilly seasons. Whether short and light and worn with bare-legs, or cosy, heavy tweed worn with opaque tights... tailored shorts are a definite trend

Sophisticated Look

This collection epitomizes the sophisticated look, buttoned-up shirt, a tie and a blazer. You could wear a big masculine coat with a little vintage lacy shirt, for example, or a little lace dress with a large sweater.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Music Tips

A great way to save money on your wedding is to use an iPod. It’s cheap and easy. You don’t need to be nervous about the sound system because you can rent big speakers and plug them into the iPod. The worst case scenario is that the iPod doesn’t work, so make sure to have a backup plan (another iPod with the same song list). iPods can be left on shuffle, but have someone in charge of changing the playlists from cocktail to dinner and so on.

Creating a reception list can be daunting so it is always a good idea to start building the list a month before the wedding. Remember, the list is not set in stone so you can change it or add new songs whenever you like.

Also, to make it easier for yourself, instead of having one long list break it down into three smaller lists: cocktail, dinner and dancing. For cocktails you’ll want to have something laid back, dinner go with soft music and the dancing list should be full of uplifting, fun songs to let the people know it is time to party.

Brides and grooms always wonder what the best way is to guarantee a good mix, and the rule is usually seven to one. For every seven songs have one slow one. The slow songs will give couples time to connect and singles to catch their breath. Also, a mix of classics and newer stuff is a must if you want everyone to enjoy your party.

One thing to remember: a wedding is not a concert. During cocktails and dinner people will be talking so the music should blend into the background. Once it’s time to party you can crank the volume up.