Thursday, July 1, 2010

Music Tips

A great way to save money on your wedding is to use an iPod. It’s cheap and easy. You don’t need to be nervous about the sound system because you can rent big speakers and plug them into the iPod. The worst case scenario is that the iPod doesn’t work, so make sure to have a backup plan (another iPod with the same song list). iPods can be left on shuffle, but have someone in charge of changing the playlists from cocktail to dinner and so on.

Creating a reception list can be daunting so it is always a good idea to start building the list a month before the wedding. Remember, the list is not set in stone so you can change it or add new songs whenever you like.

Also, to make it easier for yourself, instead of having one long list break it down into three smaller lists: cocktail, dinner and dancing. For cocktails you’ll want to have something laid back, dinner go with soft music and the dancing list should be full of uplifting, fun songs to let the people know it is time to party.

Brides and grooms always wonder what the best way is to guarantee a good mix, and the rule is usually seven to one. For every seven songs have one slow one. The slow songs will give couples time to connect and singles to catch their breath. Also, a mix of classics and newer stuff is a must if you want everyone to enjoy your party.

One thing to remember: a wedding is not a concert. During cocktails and dinner people will be talking so the music should blend into the background. Once it’s time to party you can crank the volume up.

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