Monday, April 23, 2012

My Wedding in Canada

Recently I attended my friend's wedding in Toronto, Ontario. Although this was not my first wedding to attend it definitely was one of the most memorable ones. While this was not the first time to come to Toronto, for some reason it was felt like it was the first time. The beginning of spring was marked by my arrival to Toronto to celebrate Sarah's wedding. It has been almost two years since we have last seen each other but we felt like it was only yesterday that we said good bye to each other. It took a for a very special wedding day to finally reunite us back together!! My flight to Toronto has been relative short as I have slept through the most of it :) Refreshed and looking strong I came there Thursday evening and luckily for me Sarah came to the airport to greet me. We hugged and started historically laughing as much we could. It felt right finally being reunited. The slow ride back to her house has been marked with countless giggles and stories about her wedding day. On the way home she revealed to me that I would have a special honor of picking the wedding favours for her wedding day. I was amazed that she would entrust me with such an honor especially since I have never picked wedding favours for a wedding before. My first worry that came to mind was how and where I could find the right wedding gifts. I never game much thought about wedding favours so I didn't quite know what to expect. I knew that if I was to pick the right wedding gift I had to ask Sarah as many questions as possible. So....I started asking :) I was asking about the wedding theme, wedding colors and her wedding dress. I wanted to make sure that if I picked something it would be good. To my surprise I was able to find very cool wedding favours at wedding favours canada The best part about them is that all of the wedding favours came from Canada and I knew that I would have my precious treasures just in time. Now, I am off to go out but keep on guessing which wedding favours I got....I knew you would want to know what I got but you will just have to wait until the tomorrow :)))) XoXo

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