Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gonna sleep in these

Even nicer some multi colored PJs with a polka dot

Some super cool PJs from Victoria Secret when you want to look super cool. These are definitely going to help you catch some good sleep :)

Old Navy matching tops in blue color and is my favorite as I have something similar

Or look very faminine and pretty in this lovely nightgown and robe

Maybe even feminine with this Oscar de la Renta chemise. . At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what suits you.

Gifts to giv

Practical gifts are very handy to give out and something like Sew Perfect Classic Houndstooth Sewing Kit that fits perfectly in a small purse of a wallet is a perfect choice to give. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Sew perfect Classic kit has often been voted as the best gift to give.
When you want some tea time our recommendation is Tea Time Heart Tea Infuser that comes in a Tea Time Gift Box. Elegant is the word that describes this wedding favor made out of stainless steel. What sets them apart is that chrome look that brings so much elegance to your wedding. Looking for some stainless steel spreaders, in case you are than our vintage reserve stainless steel spreader will look simply amazing. Perfect gift for those wine and cheese eaters. If you like mirrors and need to check yourself periodically then
reflections black white mirror compact is the perfect wedding favor. These compact elegant mirrors are perfect small gifts that can be carried in purses and server a practical purpose as they are real mirrors. damask vellum shades make a perfect gift for those wine drinkers. The damaskus vellum shades are some of the most popular wedding favors that we carry. laughing buddha golden place card holder is a laughing Buddha that symbolizes prosperity and can even bring good luck
Everyone needs good bottle stoppers because after you open up that bottle of wine you need to put something on top of it and our Stop in the Name of Love bottle stopper which comes in black and white colors. These bottler stoppers contain the word LOVE and is a very practical gift as it is made out of chrome.
For those hot summer days when you need to cool yourself than our luxurious silk fan which come in black and ivory colors is a refreshing choice. You can be sure that you will thank your guests with these fabulous fans. Made out of silk and bamboo it is a gift that will stand out from others.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Special Favors

Salt and pepper wedding shakers are a big hit this summer and if you are into them then look you will be able to find them at love birds in the window wedding favors section.

These two love birds ceramic salt and pepper shakers are perfect gift that will be treasured for years to come. On other hand if you are a into high fashion and like to style yourself then you might be interested in
first class fashionable high hell luggage tag.

For that special traveler these high heel luggage tag become indispensable. If you turn 360 degrees and want to spice up some wedding favors the
snow flurry glass ornament is a perfect wedding gift.

For that special table decor to my your guest's eye sparkle and all of your guests say wow look no further than our special place card holders. These
bourbon street streetlight place card holders are perfect way for your guests to find their seats